Nothing lasts forever.

Sitting here waiting for the snow to melt, for the time when the sun doesn’t fight the bitter cold (and lose), holding on to a time when spring will finally bring it’s fresh buds and promise of things to come.

Far from meaning to sound pessimistic, these shifting seasons remind me that I should live for the moment, enjoy the little things and that if today things didn’t go as planned tomorrow could change all that. For example yesterday the snow and ice lay across the fields and woods.


Somedays it is beautiful, a fresh blanket of snow, covering all the imperfections…other days it is so cold that I find it difficult to see the beauty in anything and it is on those days that I have to dig deep and grab at the opportunity to embrace the cold, stay inside plan and dream and if all else fails know that today is only momentary and that tomorrow could bring a fresh start.

The bad news is nothing lasts forever,

The good news is nothing lasts for ever.




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