A day in photos – Landshut


Days out for me (and the family) does not always mean traveling far away or to somewhere adrenaline packed, often a simple picnic to the lake or a trip to the next town can be just as interesting, discovering the history or just walking through the old streets rather than the shopping centre – a detour from the usual route is my favourite way to explore, taking inspiration from the journey.

Think as if you are on holiday, even though it is only for a few hours.

There is no bad weather!  When I’m having a break from work and have paid for a long earned vacation the weather doesn´t stop me, same for a day out, grab the wellies, hats and gloves and venture out, with the reward of a hot chocolate waiting at some small local café.


Act like a tourist!  Even if it is your local area, buy someone a gift, hunt out a postcard, you might find something new n the process.


Take a different perspective!  Walk a different way, let the kids take the lead or just sit and watch the world pass by, enjoy the time.  Grab a camera, pen and paper, write, draw, explore-


Landshut is a beautiful charming city straddling the river Isar in Bavaria. We explored along the water edge and through some of the old cobbled streets.  We will be back for more.



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