Time to bloom- Being authentic

Hyacinths are one of my favourite flowers, especially when they bloom and fill the air with spring fragrances.  The scent reminds me that spring is near, it´s time to plant new seeds, put plans into action and start embracing the the days with a bit more sunlight.

Over the winter I have been plotting a new adventure, reading articles on starting a business, listening to podcasts on growth and ideas.  One word that jumped out all over the place was authenticity.  Being true to yourself.

This word puzzled me.  In my career as a successful surface designer I was always authentic, always producing work that was me, designs that inspired me and were truly mine, so how could I move forward and grow if I was already being authentic?

I didn´t know how to be more authentic (if that is even possible) so whilst planting spring bulbs last year a thought occurred….what do I really love?  I wrote a long list, looked at it, stuck it on the wall, looked at it some more, added one or two more things then crossed off a few until I was left with things that I truly enjoy doing, every day, things that I get excited about and fill me with passion and motivation.

Now it became exciting, how to pull all my ideas on paper into one.  I´ve worked on this over winter, edited and rearranging notes, doodling, musing over different directions until it became clear to just do it!

This is the start,

Joyfully Planted….Where fresh inspiration blooms and great ideas are planted.

If you wish to turn a hobby into a business, want to jump into social media and do things your way, follow me along my adventure as I find out more about growing an idea from scratch, what it means to be authentic and discover who we can become.  Let´s throw open the window and breathe in the promising scent of spring and of the new year ahead.

You can find me over Instagram JoyfullyPlanted




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