New beginnings – a gentle garden spring clean

Is it time yet?  I have been out everyday waiting for signs of growth, little fresh green leaves daring to say hello alongside bulbs starting to spear the ground.

As the days seem a little brighter the remains of last years perrenials are looking a bit sad for themselves and the autumn fallen leaves, havens for overwintering bugs need gathering and cleaning ready for a spring mulch.


This year though I am taking my time, not to hurry and risk missing something.  As our first spring in our new home I am waiting to see what lies beneath the soil, no snowdrops so far but lots of clumps of slim green leaves have been emerging between the leaf mould.  Plenty of weed seeds are also sprouting but I will leave them a bit longer, they can be a great food for early insects and it will help me better decipher the real weeds amongst the flowers!


So my spring clean is manageable and should take no more than 30 minutes during the week (perhaps not including checking the seed catalogues one more time and ordering my seed packets for sowing with a cup of tea and a biscuit or two)

February to do list

Buy a few snowdrops “in the green”

Hard prune the dogwood, dead head hydrangeas and slowly rejuvenate our hedge by pruning back one side.

Clean tools and cloches throwing in a handful of spinach and hardy lettuce whilst I am by the veggie patch.

Clear away the leaves and fallen braches from my small border.

Not forgetting to look over my houseplants, repot or top dress where necessary.





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