Ready for a glut of tomatoes?

Okay I may be a bit early but one of my 10 a day would definitely be a tomato (or two) nothing tastes better than pulling a juicy red fruit from the vine and eating a handful before you reach the kitchen.  Plus they are rich in vitamin C.

The difference between a bland tomato and a home grown one is enormous.  Not only in the taste which is a hundred times sweeter, juicier and simply more delicious but the varieties – black and green zebra salad tomatoes which are a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds, tiny explosions of sweetness from Sungold or Black cherry tomatoes and my favourite, the beasts of flavour, plump and fleshy beefsteak tomatoes.



Here`s hoping for a promising start to a scrumptious season of salads, spiced tomato stew with cumin, green tomato and pear chutney, grilled tomatoes for breakfast with the juices soaked into fresh bread, baked with feta cheese…the list  goes on!

When my seedlings are grown up enough I shall plant them alongside marigolds and nasturtiums for a colourful partnership with neighbours of basil and lettuce leaves.  Fingers crossed for a bumper crop.





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